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Quality - is the main priority of Altyn Yunus.

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About Us

Individual enterprise "Altyn Yunus" is engaged in the production of high-quality food products. From a distribution company, she integrated into a large production and trading company.

We are constantly working on expanding the range, improving the quality and volume of products.

The products of our company meet international standards and are positioned in Turkmenistan as premium quality food products.

Altyn Yunus believes that the future begins with how we do business today. This Goal inspires our people to make the world a better place every day. Our employees not only achieve high business results, but also have the opportunity to learn, dream and develop.

History of the company

2005 year

The founder of the company starts wholesale trading activities

2005 year

2006 year

The founder creates a sales network throughout the country and receives a dealership, working on the market as a distributor

2014 year

Establishment of a company for the production and trading activities under the brand "ÝUNUS"

2014 year

2016 year

Opening of a factory in the city of Mary

2016 year

Launch of the production of roasted nuts and seeds

2016 year

2017 year

Start of production of chewing gums with sugar

2018 year

Launch of the production of chewing gums without sugar in the form of pillows, as well as the production of lollipops with chewing gum.

2018 year

2019 year

Start of production of chewing gums with tattoo inserts, chewing gums with sugar in the form of pillows and lollipops without chewing gum.

2020 year

Opening of the second plant in Anau

2020 year

2021 year

Launch of the production of chocolate bars and flour products

2022 year

Expansion of the production of chocolate products. Production of chocolate eggs with toys

2022 year


Our factory in Mary

was opened in 2016. It is designed according to modern world design standards and equipped with modern and high-tech equipment ordered abroad. The plant is engaged in the production of chewing gum and caramel on a stick.

Our factory in Anau

was opened in 2020. Modern high-tech equipment of the plant provides automation of the production process. Dozens of types of crackers, bars, chocolate eggs with a surprise inside, stuffed wafers are all produced here.


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